Preparing Your Retail Store For The Valentine’s Day Shopping Rush


Welcome to February! For most retailers throughout Canada, the beginning of this month marks the official countdown to Valentine’s Day. Similar to the end-of-year holiday season (though not to the same extent), it’s an extremely busy time of year for retailers all across the country as countless couples are currently on the hunt for those perfect gifts to commemorate their romantic unions.

Surely, florists, candy stores and restaurants are in for their fair share of extra foot traffic. Unquestionably, flowers, chocolates and dining experiences are at the top of the list for most popular Valentine’s Day gifts. However, as Matt Petronzio reports on, a 2014 study by National Retail Federation found that gift cards are right up there as top-choice gifts for romantic partners on Valentine’s Day.

Gift cards are among the most popular of Valentine’s Day gifts.

Gift cards, in fact, are listed as part of the top seven most popular Valentine’s Day gifts in the United States along with greeting cards, candy, flowers, an evening out, jewellery and clothing. We can’t say we’re surprised. At Canadian POS Corporation, we’ve long known that gift cards are among the most highly-sought after gifts in any marketplace.

Gift cards, after all, allow recipients to get whatever they want. We’d venture a guess that gift cards have actually saved a relationship or two! For the loved one who doesn’t mind getting to select a gift him/herself, a gift card is wonderful. It’s certainly a lot better than an improperly-sized sweater or unsightly bracelet that one wouldn’t have ever chosen for him/herself.

Gift cards are loved by last-minute shoppers.

On, Mike Kraus lists a number of last-minute Valentine’s Day strategies for retail store owners. He suggests offering customers such ideas as gift baskets or providing gift wrapping services to make shopping experiences that much easier for those who are in a rush. He stresses, however, that retailers shouldn’t neglect to promote their gift cards. They are a last-minute shopper’s dream come true!

“Don’t forget the gift cards,” he insists, “Desperation is desperation, and some guys are going to just go for the gift card, thoughtless as some might find it. Don’t ignore them. Gift cards are a multi-billion dollar business, so get your share.”

On, Grant Thomas agrees that gift cards are among the top ways to satisfy the needs of last-minute Valentine’s Day shoppers. “As is the case with all time-sensitive holidays, certain shoppers are going to procrastinate and wait till the last minute,” he writes, “Here’s a perfect time to promote gift cards, events, trips, and digital products like software and downloadables. There are plenty of creative ways to offer something that will fulfill a last minute shopper’s needs.”

How can Canadian POS Corporation help you to boost your Valentine’s Day sales?

We proudly offer Canadian business owners electronic gift cards which are widely known to encourage repeat business, attract new customers and boost sales all year long. For more information about how you can begin selling them, please don’t hesitate to call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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