Preparing Your Retail Store For Summer Shoppers


In most spots across Canada, warm spring weather is finally starting to present itself. It’s taken long enough, hasn’t it? And to think the official start of the summer season comes in a little over a month! As a Canadian business owner, it’s wise to take full advantage of the summer. After all, most Canadians absolutely love the season, believing that it’s far too short and, therefore, do all they can to enjoy it.

That includes shopping! To prepare your retail store for summer shoppers, it’s a good idea to go all out with marketing campaigns that embrace all of the best aspects of the warmest season of the year. Consider throwing events that your customers can attend in order to generate both highly festive atmospheres and excellent opportunities to get to know your customer base better.

Engagement is key.

Don’t underestimate the importance of getting to know the people who are most likely to support your brand. As we’ve pointed out numerous times before, today’s consumer values his/her relationships with the businesses he/she supports. Getting to know that consumer will help you to develop loyalty amongst those who spend their money in your store.

“When planning your company’s summer marketing strategies, you’ll need to consider what mobile marketing campaigns, social media contests, or other engagement tactics should coincide with the warm weather, and how to maximize the impact of these methods,” says Sherene Funk On, “By using seasonally relevant marketing channels you’ll be able to reach audiences in a way that traditional marketing (print, television, etc.) simply can’t.”

Is it time to change the layout of your store?

If you haven’t renovated your place of business since its opening, now may be the perfect time to give it a facelift. As many other business owners have already discovered, a new look for a company can bring it new life. Not only will it excite your customers, but your store’s renovations will invigorate your staff members. Never forget that a happy staff is a productive one!

With that said, a major overhaul may not even be necessary. Consider moving some things around to give your place of business an updated feel.“Re-plan your store by moving fixtures to create a fresh layout,” suggests Iain Kimmins of Europe Real Estate, “Consider zoning and categorizing areas to give your store a new look.  Even the smallest of changes can make a big difference, inviting your customers to rediscover the merchandise.”

Create focal points around the store.

Kimmins also recommends that you guide each of your store’s visitors throughout its space by creating focal points around it. “These sites can be just a display but if possible use this site for merchandise,” he writes, “These sites are perfect as promotional area, or event space.”

One important focal point is the checkout. It’s wise to have eye-catching displays that will encourage impulse buys. Your store’s gift cards should certainly be part of the displays placed at the checkout. For years, the electronic gift cards available from Canadian POS have helped our clients enjoy repeat business and boosted sales.

For more information how to begin offering gift cards of your own, please don’t hesitate to call Canadian POS at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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