Preparing Your Store For Fall\’s Holidays

\"\"Sometimes, it’s the smallest things that make the biggest differences. And when it comes to celebrating the holidays that fall within the autumn season (see what we did there?), your small changes can help to earn your business some big bucks! We all know that most people enjoy the holidays – no matter what holiday it is. Utilize this fact to bring some additional seasonal cheer to the customers who visit your store and you just may notice a significant bump in your sales.

How are you preparing your store for fall’s holidays? We have a few ideas for three special autumn-based celebrations that you may want to consider. Let’s take a look at them in order of when they appear, shall we?


This year, Thanksgiving in Canada falls on October 8th. As a result, it gives Canadians three months in a row when the first weekend is a long weekend. What makes this particular long weekend unique, however, is the huge feast that is usually associated with it. If your store is not one to sell turkeys, pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce, you may want to consider partnering with a food or grocery store for a little cross-promotion action.

It’s also a good idea to simply decorate your place of business with the brown, red, orange and yellow colours associated with the fall. Keep in mind that the warm and fuzzy feelings you help to give your customers are often enough to endear them to your brand and keep them loyal. Consumers care about the relationships they have with the businesses they support. As mentioned earlier, a little can go a long way.


This one should be easy. Although Halloween isn’t an official holiday, decorating your store for October 31st is a must! It can be as simple as stringing up some ghouls, goblins and jack-o-lanterns. You may also want to launch some Halloween-based sales that offer “scary savings”. It’s wise to incorporate the theme of the special day into any advertising strategy you have to drum up interest from your customer base.

“Halloween is an event where buyers come back for more, particularly at last minute,” says, “By changing your floor displays, making sure all items are visible and attractively displayed, you will find that this is a hook that brings your customers through your front door and compels them to buy.”

Remembrance Day.

Like Halloween, Remembrance Day isn’t a statutory holiday. But it’s an incredibly important occasion as it pays proper respect to the Canadian military, specifically honouring those who have lost their lives while protecting our country. Perhaps, you could simply make poppies available at your place of business prior to November 11th. The quiet and respectful acknowledgment of Remembrance Day won’t go unnoticed.

“You’ll usually see a lot of people wearing poppies for about two weeks leading up to Remembrance Day to show that they remember and support Canadian troops and veterans,” CBC Kids reminds us, “Poppies were a common sight on the battlefield. You can find people handing out poppies at grocery stores for donations that will benefit our veterans.”

At Canadian POS, we’d also recommend designing your store’s gift cards with fall imagery. But, if you’re not yet selling gift cards, contact us today to learn how we can help you with that! Call us at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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