Restaurants Were Big World Cup Winners

\"HighWell, that was some World Cup, wasn’t it? Arguably, the most-watched event in the world over the past few months, the FIFA World Cup football (not soccer!) tournament ended yesterday with a clash between Germany and Argentina. Following a late goal in the second half of extra time, the Germans took the game and the tournament to become four time World Cup Champions. It was quite the match to conclude an incredible month-long event.

But who were the real winners during the entire World Cup? Many would argue the fans, who were given the opportunity to take in some of the most unpredictable, jaw-dropping and exhilarating moments in sports history. Of course, others would argue the Germans. Who else had a better time watching each game than the country who got to brag that they are the world’s best? At Canadian POS Corporation, however, we would argue that restaurant owners were the big winners.

“I think I watched more than half of the games at restaurants,” admitted one of our colleagues early this morning, “It’s the most fun. You’re surrounded by other soccer fans. You’re eating awesome food. And, of course, they’re always great places to hang out with friends and grab some drinks. The World Cup creates a great party atmosphere so it’s just better to watch the games among other people.”

Clearly, the World Cup games – just like other major sporting events – help for the owners of bars and grills to clean up! There’s nothing quite like taking in a big game at a restaurant that comes complete with big, flat screen TVs to truly enjoy it for the exciting spectacle that it is. For owners of such establishments, it’s pretty obvious that business has boomed in the past month. There are few times throughout the year when sports will bring about that much business.

“It was great,” commented one of our esteemed clients, “My place was packed every game, easy. What I love about it is that it not only brings me more business, but the people who come through the doors are all in good moods. Even the people whose teams lost are still having a good time. I’m kind of upset that the World Cup is over but there are more big games on the way in other sports anyways.”

If anything goes hand in hand, it’s watching sports and eating. So, it goes without saying, that restaurants that offer sports on TV do quite well whenever a game is on. With that said, there is something else that goes hand in hand. And that would be restaurants and the acceptance of credit and debit cards as methods of payment. What would it have been like if our client hadn’t accepted plastic?

“Oh, it would have been chaos, I’m sure,” he replied, “It’s way easier to have my staff go around with the machines instead of having to pick up cash and get change and all of that. It’s safer, because money doesn’t get lost or stolen. But also, it’s just easier to have people push a few buttons at their tables. Usually, they end up spending more too because they don’t have to worry about how much cash they have on them.”

At Canadian POS Corporation, we are committed to making life easier at your business. If you’re a restaurant owner, using wireless terminals is practically a must. Contact us at 1-877-748-2884 to get set up with your new POS machine. Whether you would like to upgrade from your current provider or start accepting plastic for the first time, make Canadian POS Corporation your choice and become a big winner today!

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