Selling Gift Cards Online Is A Modern Day No-Brainer


It should be a secret to no one that the internet is a hot destination for shoppers all over Canada. With every passing year, statistics show that online shopping is a more popular trend than the previous year. So, it should come as a surprise to no one that retailers are raking in big bucks by selling their gift cards online.

In our last blog, we provided a reminder to business owners that gift cards are hot year-round sellers. Naturally, there are gift-giving occasions that happen all throughout the year – not just the end-of-year holiday season. So that means that there is no time of year when it’s a bad time to sell gift cards. And there’s no certainly no reason to think that they don’t need to be sold online. reveals that online gift card sales are growing by 29 percent per year.

The site also reports that 97 percent of the top retailers and restaurants sell their gift cards online and 92 percent of those top retailers offer multiple card designs. So the question must be asked: Why aren’t smaller retailers doing the same thing? Less than 3 percent of local businesses sell their gift cards online, says

The way we see it, selling gift cards online should be a no-brainer. Gift cards are popular. Online shopping is popular. It doesn’t take a master mathematician to put two and two together here. By selling gift cards online, a retailer stands the chance of both significantly increasing overall sales and growing his/her client base. As we mentioned in our last blog, gift cards are excellent customer base-builders since they serve as excellent store recommendations.

“Here, try this store out!” says the gift card purchaser to the receiver, “I imagine you’ll really like what they have to sell!”

On, Ashley Watson writes that gift cards are ideal for shoppers who want to guarantee their recipients will love what they get. After all, gift cards enable recipients to choose whatever gifts they want – so it’s really hard to go wrong. Watson also notes that the ability to use gift cards to shop online is one of the gift’s best features.

“You don\’t even have to leave your house to do your holiday shopping thanks to the convenience of the Internet,” she points out , “Most stores offer online gift cards, and you can personalize them with graphics and personal messages. A lot of retailers even have an option to email an electronic gift card to someone, which is convenient for you, and it helps the receiver keep track of the card. If you are one of those last-minute shoppers, you can send an e-gift card at any time, even on holidays when most stores are closed.”

At Canadian POS Corporation, we’re proud to offer Canadian business owners the ability to cash in on the popularity of gift cards. Clients who have taken advantage of our electronic gift cards have found that they quickly bring more customers in to their places of business. We see gift cards as the perfect solution for business growth!

For more information about how you can begin selling gift cards both in your store and online, call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost. Be sure to ask us about our e-commerce solution as well!

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