The Importance Of Giving Thanks To Your Customers

\"\"On behalf of the entire team, here at Canadian POS, we would like wish everyone a fantastic Thanksgiving long weekend! As Canadians prepare to embark on this often-joyous occasion that usually includes belly-stuffing meals comprised of turkey and pumpkin pie, we’d like to point out that Thanksgiving certainly isn’t the only time of year when it is appropriate to give thanks.

As a business owner, it’s imperative that you show appreciation to your customers all year round. In numerous blogs, we’ve pointed out the importance of developing and growing customer relationships. In today’s world, these relationships represent the lifeblood of businesses. You can’t get by anymore with just selling good products and offering good services.

Your customers want to feel valued.

“No one likes to feel like they are in a one-way relationship – the kind where you’re the only one committing any time or attention to keeping it going,” writes Alex McEachern on, “When you’re always giving and never receiving, it’s easy to feel unappreciated and undervalued. 60% of businesses have lost a customer because they feel the business is indifferent to them.”

This is quite the telling statistic. It proves that without showing your customers any appreciation, they’re not likely to remain loyal supporters. With that said, it also makes obvious that there are financial benefits to thanking your customers. When your customers remain loyal, they will provide you with repeat business. McEachern notes that this can especially be made possible when you personalize your service.

38% of customers attribute a good customer experience to personalization.

“Studies have shown that 38% of customers attribute a good customer experience to personalization, which means that a good customer experience will keep your customers happy,” reveals McEachern, “If your customers are happy, they’re bound to come back to your store and, as a result, make more purchases!”

Loyal customers don’t just return to stores to make numerous purchases. They also tend to tell their families and friends about their positive experiences. All business owners know how important it is to get referrals. Word-of-mouth promotion is widely regarded as the most effective type of promotion there is. This is why one of the top ways to thank your customers is to offer rewards for the referrals they provide you.

Show your appreciation for customer referrals.

“Referrals may well be the lifeblood of a business,” says Bruna Martinuzzi on, “Take the time to personally thank a customer for a referral and send the referring customer a handwritten note or card without delay. Better still, pick up the phone and leave a message if you can.”

As we mentioned earlier, there is no wrong time of year to offer signs of your sincere gratitude to your customers. However, as we get ready for this year’s Thanksgiving celebrations, we wanted to offer our own customers some words of appreciation.

To all Canadian POS clients, we thank you so much for entrusting us as your payment provider! It means a lot to us that you have shown us your support and we endeavour to continue to provide you with the best service in our industry.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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