The Importance Of Having A Mobile-Friendly Online Store


As a business owner, you have a very important task that shouldn’t be neglected. Your company website needs to be mobile-friendly. It’s just that simple. And this is especially true if you have an online shop that is accessible from your website. To maximize your company’s ability to generate online sales, it’s imperative that online shoppers are able to easily navigate through your site using their smartphones and tablets.

Canadians prefer their smartphones for internet surfing.

It’s 2020. Gone are the days when the majority of worldwide web use was done on computers at home. Today, smartphones are all the rage. Do you know anyone who doesn’t have one? Google searches are performed every day by just about every Canadian with an iPhone or Android phone. If consumers are in need of what your company offers, they will Google it. It’s a must your website be mobile-friendly in order to be easily found in Google searches.

“66% of smartphone owners in Canada access the Internet every day on their device, and most never leave home without it,” reveals Daniel Kosir on, “89% of users search for local information on their phone, with 88% performing some sort of action as a result, such as making a purchase.”

A mobile-friendly site is good for SEO.

As we just mentioned, Google searches are performed regularly on mobile devices. And it just so happens that Google favours mobile-friendly or “responsive” websites over those that have different versions for desktop and mobile users. You don’t have to take our word for it. As reported by Matthew Hodges on, Google admitted to this in 2015.

“At the end of the day, Google understands internet users are shifting more and more to mobile devices rather than desktop computers, and they want to ensure people are getting the best experience possible,” he writes, “In recent months, it’s even been speculated that Google will eventually move over to a ‘mobile-only’ indexing model, replacing the current system which they’ve had in place for more than 20 years.”

A mobile-friendly site gives your company a competitive edge.

To be totally frank, if your company website isn’t easily accessible on mobile devices, it’s going to fall way behind in its industry. Naturally, you have competitors. Your job isn’t just to ensure your site is mobile-friendly, but to ensure that its user-friendliness outshines the sites of your competitors. According to Clutch, this shouldn’t be too difficult to do.

Clutch is a Washington, D.C.-based research firm that identifies top services and software firms that deliver results for their clients. In 2015, the firm conducted a survey that found that small businesses have been slow to adopt digital marketing strategies.

“Of the small businesses that have a website, only 56 percent have a responsive design website that is mobile friendly,” unveils the Clutch site of their survey’s findings, “However, the survey also showed signs of improvement, as 23 percent plan to increase website spending in 2015.”

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