The Importance Of Photos In Your Online Store


When is the last time you spent an entire day without going online? We’re talking about not checking a single email, not reading a single social media post and not viewing a single video. The world practically lives on the internet. As a result, your business requires it. Make no mistake about it, in order to thrive – in any industry – your brand requires a strong online presence.

In many cases, “strong” is defined by the ability your customers have to make direct purchases from your online store. If you’ve smartly invested in a secure e-commerce solution, you’re undoubtedly already reaping the benefits of the popularity of online shopping. But how popular is your online store? One thing is for sure: the better your online store’s photos, the more successful it will be!

If customers can’t touch it, they have to see it.

The argument that many consumers who prefer in-person shopping make is that they like to touch and feel the products they’re considering buying. That makes sense. So what’s the next best thing to physically holding a product in your hands? That would be seeing a high-quality photo of the product. Seeing, as they say, is believing.

According to, “more than half of online shoppers think that product photos are more important than product information, reviews, and ratings. Your images are like windows into your store, and the more representative they are, the more buyers trust you and the momentum they build towards completing a purchase.”

Product photos give you a competitive edge.

Keep in mind that online shoppers have the ability to jump from website to website within seconds. The click of a mouse is all it takes. So, be sure to give your site’s visitors no reason to leave your site. With so many options out there, your product photos need to demonstrate why your online store is the best option.

“Online shoppers are inundated with options such as product options, pricing options, rating and reviews and so much more,” says photo editing veteran, Andrew Tyler on, “It should be assumed your customers will check competitors’ products before making a decision. It’s imperative your product photos are enticing and make your products as appealing as possible to capture the sale as quickly as possible.”

Product photos are integral to your brand messaging.

Your product photos aren’t simply pictures of what you sell. They are representations of your brand. This is why it’s so important to invest in a professional photo shoot for your product photos. The last thing you want is to give any visitor of your site a bad impression. Your product photos should be taken from multiple angles and have great lighting. Paying attention to such detail should help to showcase your brand as a cut above the rest.

“Your product images serve as your ambassadors, not only on your product page but across your store and beyond on your on- and offline marketing channels,” says, “They help you nurture your buyers along their decision-making journey and, naturally, do a better job at that if they look better.”

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