The Importance Of Preparing Your Business For Emergency Situations

\"\"Of course, no business owner ever wants to have to deal with an emergency situation. But, by the very nature of its name, an emergency situation is something that generally comes out of nowhere. It’s something that no one expects or hopes for…but it’s something that must be prepared for well in advance.

The wisest of business owners will put together basic emergency plans so that if and when a crisis occurs, the company can be ready for it. In a special to The Globe and Mail, Nancy Harris reveals that a Sage North America study found that 71 percent of Canadian business owners do not have a formal emergency or disaster preparedness plan in place. Evidently, many don’t think it is important enough for their businesses to have a plan.

Why is it so crucial for Canadian business owners to be prepared for emergencies? Well, if the answer isn’t already obvious, it should be noted that natural disasters are uncontrollable. And, as Harris points out, many regions of Canada experience flooding, forest fires and even mudslides in the months leading up to summer. Having a plan in place will not only save lives but will help a business to overcome a potential disaster.

It’s of vital importance that all company employees are well aware of the company’s emergency plan. “For the plan to be fully successful, your employees must be aware of the procedures it describes,” insists Harris, “Only share sensitive information in the plan with those who need to know it, but do share general actions and perform emergency drills and exercises. The more prepared they are for an emergency, the more they will be able to help your business respond and recover from such a situation.”

How important is it to back up essential data? Any business owner will tell you that this is of paramount importance if you want to keep the business going after the emergency situation has passed. These days, it’s not at all difficult to have a system in place to back up important information. “Whether you choose an on-site system, an off-site server or the cloud, backing up your information could be the difference between emergency recovery and the end of your business,” Harris reminds us.

A business continuity plan is also vital. Your team should know its responsibilities once the business has overcome its emergency situation. Your supervisors, managers and top executives will need to know what they need to do in order to keep the business running even while it’s recovering from the impact of the unfortunate event.

How vital is first-aid knowledge in the workplace? It certainly can’t hurt to ensure that everyone in your office knows where emergency exits and fire extinguishers are located. A first-aid kit should also be readily available so that any potential injuries that occur at work can be quickly tended to. As well, a training course in CPR may be a great way to get your entire staff in-the-know in the event that someone requires resuscitation.

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