The Importance Of Reminding Customers About Your Gift Cards


Consumers don’t generally need to be reminded that gift cards exist. Gift cards continue to be some of the most highly-sought after gifts in the retail industry. Obviously, they make it very easy for shoppers to select gifts for their loved ones. And gift cards make it pretty easy for those loved ones to get whatever it is their hearts desire!

However, consumers do need to be reminded about which stores sell gift cards. And just because you have gift cards available in your store, it doesn’t mean that the members of your target audience know about it. It’s important for you to get the word out and offer incentives to get shoppers to come into your store to grab the gift cards you have for sale.

Offer in-store reminders.

On, retail expert Francesca Nicasio encourages business owners to remind people just how convenient gift cards are. “Sometimes, you don’t have to push aggressive offers or rewards to incentivize shoppers to buy gift cards,” she writes, “In certain situations, the convenience of gift cards is enticing enough. So don’t forget to remind customers about the inherent benefits of these cards.”

She goes on to recommend that your employees inform shoppers that you sell gift cards in an effort to make their shopping experiences easier. In many cases, people don’t know what to buy their loved ones. Opting for gift cards, as mentioned earlier, makes the entire process of shopping for gifts so much easier. This is especially true for shoppers who are in a rush, Nicasio reminds us.

Rapid RMS recommends that business owners motivate their staff members to remind customers about their gift cards. “One of the most effective ways to sell gift cards is to motivate your staff,” reads their website, “They can kindly remind shoppers at the checkout counter about the opportunity to purchase a gift card. To motivate staff, you can launch a contest to reward whoever sells the most gift cards in a certain week or month.”

Make your gift cards highly visible.

When customers enter the doors of your store, it should be made immediately obvious that you have gift cards for sale. One way to do that is to have a sign that reads “Gift Cards Available”. Easy enough, right? Another method is to have a dazzling gift card display located in more than one area of the store. The checkout area is definitely one place where your gift cards need to be on full display.

“If customers can’t see your gift cards, they don’t know you have them,” says Rapid RMS, “Display your gift cards nicely on the checkout counter and on tables around the store. This will serve as a reminder to shoppers that you offer gift cards so if they aren’t purchasing one today, they’ll at least remember your store the next time they need a gift.”

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