The Importance Of Selling Gift Cards For Back-To-School Needs

\"FriendlyWith September now here, the inevitable start of another school year will soon be upon us. Students from all over the country are undoubtedly doing all they can to enjoy the upcoming Labour Day long weekend as most classes will begin as soon as it’s over. In the coming weeks, students will not only be returning to school, but they’ll be returning to stores where school supplies are sold.

Do you sell items that students need for school? Don’t just think pencils, pens, paper and backpacks. Students need new clothes, shoes, lunches and beauty products. Actually, the truth is that there is no end to the list of items required by the Canadian student. And this is why it’s wise for your business to cater to them this month. One way you can do that is to offer gift cards. That way, you make it easier for parents of students to make purchases for their kids.

Most students (see: adolescents) know exactly what they want. It’s a lot easier for them to do their back-to-school shopping themselves rather than have their parents do it for them. This is why selling gift cards this month will be so lucrative for you. When parents hand their students gift cards, the students will be able to pick up exactly what they need for school without worry that they won’t like what has been purchased for them.

Just how helpful are gift cards to students? On, it is explained that gift cards are excellent ways to help students “buy anything from pencils, to a new haircut, to snacks for lunch boxes.” It’s important to consider older students who are entering post-secondary education as well. Especially for those who live on campus, there are numerous expenses that gift cards can help with. explains how helpful gift cards can be in the event of emergencies.

“Despite planning, college-bound kids are sure to encounter unexpected costs when they get back to school,” says the site, “Parking passes, dorm room organizers, and last-minute supplies may be among them. Send along a gift card that can be used for unplanned expenses. Take a picture of the family and upload it to make a personalized gift card that reads, ‘We’re here for you.’ Deliver the gift card in person with a bottle of laundry soap. Deliver it in the mail with a box of microwave popcorn and ramen noodles.”

How do gift cards help students enjoy their extracurricular activities? Naturally, they will be getting to know their fellow students quite well in the coming months. Socializing, after all, is a part of the going-to-school experience. For things like movies, dinners and other social events, gift cards can help to afford a good time. The bottom line, obviously, is that students can use all they help they can get to afford the school year!

Knowing this, it is certainly wise to offer gift cards in your store. At Canadian POS Corporation, we have long offered gift cards to our customers. As a result, we have a history of helping Canadian business owners increase the number of customers that come through their doors. Gift cards are known for encouraging repeat business, attracting new customers and boosting sales all year long!

For more information about how to begin selling gift cards in your store, call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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