Touching Interac Commercial Showcases Our Cashless Society

When it comes to holiday commercials, – and, of course, there are many this time of year! – there are few that are as touching as Interac’s latest “The Musician”. The TV spot advertises Interac’s various contactless debit solutions and features an elderly trumpet player simply trying to earn a living by playing his music in a variety of locations.

At each location, he encounters individuals who enjoy his music. However, none of them are carrying any cash or coins in order to offer the musician compensation for entertaining them. The ad speaks to a very interesting fact about our current way of life. We often discuss modern-day Canada as being a “cashless society”. And this commercial points out how few of us carry any cash on us anymore.

So sadly, the trumpet player continues to go unpaid while offering his musical services to passers-by. That is, of course, until the end of the commercial when our musical hero picks up his smartphone and realizes that all of the passers-by have returned to offer him donations via Interac e-transfers.

“Put a little love in your heart”

These are the lyrics sung by the vocalist in the song that accompanies the visuals of the commercial. “Pay like magic” is the new tagline that is displayed on the screen before the 73-second commercial concludes. This marks an interesting departure from Interac\’s “Be In The Black” campaign from previous years.

The previous marketing strategy was to impress upon consumers that using other methods of payment presents risks of being in debt. Highlighted by the “Be In The Black” campaign, with Interact debit cards, shoppers may only make purchases using money they already have. However, the “Pay like magic” campaign highlights the many different benefits that are enjoyed by Interac cards users. Paying for purchases using money in your bank account is just one of many.

As the commercial shows us, Interac users may transfer money to whomever they wish with just a few clicks in their mobile banking apps. And as mentioned earlier, the commercial also shows a variety of ways that Interac can allow people to pay for their purchases using contactless technology.

As explained by, Interac gives consumers a lot of options. They don’t just have to use their Interac cards to complete debit transactions. “Consumers also have the option to use Interac Debit® through their preferred and eligible mobile wallet,” says the report, “Mobile payments are accepted everywhere that Interac Flash® is accepted, at hundreds of thousands of merchant locations across Canada.”

Do you allow your customers to pay for purchases with Interac?

If not, you are setting your business up to lose out on a lot of sales. Canada is moving towards being a cashless society – if it isn’t one already! It’s time you allow your customers to pay for their purchases using the payment methods they prefer.

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