Turning Your Online Store Into A Top Summer Shopping Destination


With the official start of summer coming in just a few more days, many Canadians are getting excited. Naturally, we enjoy the warm and sunny weather and can’t wait to take it all in after many long months of chilly temperatures. The problem, however, is that this summer won’t provide the same type of excitement that so many summers have provided in the past.

The coronavirus pandemic rages on and, as a result, many summer events and activities have already been cancelled. And while many stores are re-opening, their owners are forced to adhere to COVID-19 safety protocols. Business isn’t – as they say – as usual. That’s why, this summer, it will be more important than ever to turn your online store into a top summer shopping destination.

Come up with your own summer holiday.

This summer, with things being so different, it’s wise to generate new and unique ways to excite people. Over the next few months, we’ll be celebrating holidays like Canada Day and the Civic Holiday. Shops all over the worldwide web will be acknowledging them – and you should too, of course. But why not create your own holiday to direct traffic to your site on a specific day?

“Create a holiday that is relevant either to your products, your target audience, or how your target audience uses your products,” suggests Strategy Driven Marketing, “Consider what sort of discounts you can offer to determine if you celebrate for a day, a weekend, or a full week.”

Host a contest.

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is. A contest is always an attention-grabber. However, during a summer when you’ll need to pull out all the stops to grab attention, it’s a great idea to offer shoppers the chance to win a prize. Who doesn’t love the opportunity to get free stuff? As Laura Dolan points out on Keap.com, launching an online contest can boost traffic engagement and conversion.

“Buzz of this magnitude can attract many consumers to your site,” she writes, “A contest can also provide businesses many new leads as well as generate more traffic. You can gather their email addresses by offering visitors a chance to win a big-ticket item or a bundle of your products simply by entering their contact information. It’s a great lead magnet. A simple contest can drive a $2 million quarterly revenue goal. That ought to make up for some lost time.”

Create new product bundles.

Everyone loves to save money. And retailers love to sell their products. Marry these two loves by creating product bundles. By doing so, you can offer your goods at discount prices while also selling some slower-moving products with your top sellers. The savings you offer will encourage more online shoppers to follow through on completing their purchases.

“Many of today’s busy consumers struggle with making decisions, especially when they are shopping for someone other than themselves,” says Strategy Driving Marketing, “Put together a collection of related items or seasonal collections of products. Or, create buying guides that provide multiple collection options that site visitors might not have considered purchasing together.”

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