Using A Wireless Terminal Will Boost Your Brand Image

\"\"There’s a lot you can do to boost the brand image of your company. You can renovate your store, develop a dazzling new advertising strategy and offer exclusive perks and discounts to members of your loyalty program. While these are all great ideas, the truth is that nothing really beats excellent customer service at the end of the day.

In today’s world, consumers want more than just high-quality products and services. They want excellent experiences each and every time they give companies their business. Unbeatable customer service and the development of strong customer relationships often come by way of making things easy for people. That’s why, at Canadian POS, we’re such big advocates for wireless point-of-sale terminals.

How does a wireless terminal make life easy for customers?

Consider how much more convenient you make it for your people when you can bring the point-of-sale to them instead of making them line up. A wireless terminal makes it so that you can process payments anyplace and at any time. This is especially important during the summertime when there is a plethora of outdoor events where you can promote your business.

If you plan on attending any concerts, golf tournaments, picnics, barbeques, festivals and other events this summer, you’d be wise to come equipped with a wireless terminal. That way, you can not only promote your business at these events, but you can process credit card and debit card sales as well.

Wireless terminals work wonders for food trucks.

This coming weekend, in Toronto, there will be a Food Truck Festival. In fact, it gets underway, starting at 5 p.m. this evening at Woodbine Park. Now, who doesn’t love food trucks? While this is a popular event, we know that the food trucks that are the most successful are often the ones that display the Visa, MasterCard and Interac symbols on them.

It is important for the vast majority of consumers to be able to have options when it comes to making payments. Events like the Toronto Food Truck Festival are ones where people generally know that they should come with cash. As the event’s website declares, there are ATMs on site for people who need to withdraw cash.

Options make things easier.

The food trucks that accept credit and debit make it so much easier for customers. Wireless POS terminals make the most sense at such events considering that there really are no walls for them to be plugged into. But whether you are a food truck vendor or not, a wireless terminal can certainly help you to establish a greater brand image among those who are part of your target audience.

At Canadian POS, we proudly offer the Poynt Smart Terminal as our wireless POS solution. It is a complete wireless payment solution that lets you accept payments anywhere, with the security and convenience you should expect in your payment solution. For more information about the Poynt Smart Terminal, please don’t hesitate to call Canadian POS at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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