Using Modern Technology To Boost Business


These days, technology seems to advance at such a rapid pace, it can sometimes feel hard to keep up. Apple, for example, is notorious for releasing new versions of their iPhones before their older models even go out of style. Then again, maybe what is “in style” exists within a much shorter time span than we understand.

It wasn’t all that long ago that we all had to wait an entire week for a new episode of our favourite television shows to be broadcast. Today, “binge watching” is commonplace. An entire series can be streamed on a variety of devices, giving people the opportunity to watch whatever they want, whenever they want.

Naturally, such advances in technology can only mean good things for your business. The cloud, for example, enables business owners to communicate in ways that were once unheard of.

VoIP technology breaks down physical barriers.

With VoIP telephony, a business owner can use his/her business phone number to make and take phone calls from practically any location in the world. We go into greater detail about how a business can be run from remote locations in our blog from a week ago. With specific respect to VoIP, however, it has shown how the internet can connect your brand to a worldwide audience.

In addition, the cloud allows us to share information quickly and easily. No longer do we need to mail documents to our colleagues, clients and customers. We can simply email them so that they are received within seconds. On, Dr. Patrick Gleeson explains how the cloud has significantly improved the ways in which the entertainment and medical communities operate.

“Recently, high-tech communication possibilities have been further enhanced by the increased use of ‘the cloud’ as a communication resource,” he writes, “For example, film or music producers in different cities can simultaneously work on a single project simultaneously that\’s available to both of them via the cloud. Expert surgeons already oversee surgical operations on other continents via virtual operating theatres.”

How can modern technology be used to boost your business?

In last week’s blog, we highlighted the benefits of utilizing our VirtualMerchant Mobile. The amazing service allows you to accept credit card and debit card payments on your smartphone. The innovative mobile solution breaks down the physical barriers of your place of business and allows you to sell your products and services in a variety of different locations.

Of course, VirtualMerchant Mobile is far from our only remarkable business-boosting advance in technology. The Poynt Smart Terminal is widely regarded as the most innovative point-of-sale terminal on the market today. You will definitely wow your customers by allowing them to use this incredible two-screen machine.

As Poynt’s website explains, the terminal is a complete wireless payment solution. “Poynt lets you accept payment anywhere, with the security and convenience you should expect in your payment solution,” it details, “The Poynt Smart Terminal comes with built-in compatibility for dozens of peripherals so you can get up and running, hassle-free.”

Make use of today’s finest technology to boost your business! For more information about the Poynt Smart Terminal, call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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