Using Wireless Terminals Is Common Sense

\"AfricanIs there any doubt that we’re living in a digital era? People have the ability to grab smart phones from their pockets and access just about anything in the world that they want. Whether it’s music or movies, educational or entertaining, business or personal – we get things quick and easy these days. And who’s complaining, right? Advances in technology have made our lives easier.

The very same can be said for the world of payment processing. The internet actually plays a big role in the ways in which merchants throughout Canada are able to accept payments. Just like our telephones, we no longer are forced to use traditional landlines in order to communicate that a sale is being made. With the advent of Wi-Fi, transactions can now be made wirelessly!

At Canadian POS Corporation, we offer wireless terminals to our clients and they have made a world of difference in the way they are able to operate their businesses. Restaurant owners, for example, are especially pleased that their servers are able to take their hand-held machines directly to the tables of their patrons, making the payment process so much easier.

Not to mention, there is far less chance of fraud or lost or stolen cards when customers don’t have to literally give them away to their servers. The wireless terminal experience is a much safer and convenient payment method for both merchants and customers. As well, by going wireless, you don’t have to worry about losing any of the functionalities of a traditional terminal.

Wireless terminals all come with magnetic stripe readers, keypads and display screens. The biggest difference, of course, is that your regular machines are plugged in and tied down! You can take the wireless versions anywhere to process your credit and debit card transactions. This is incredibly convenient for business owners who need to be mobile to conduct their daily operations. Delivery personnel, for example, love this option.

Previously, when items were being delivered to homes, customers were expected to pay with cash or cheques. This is surprisingly still the case with some businesses. In other cases, customers are required to give their credit card information over the phone when placing orders for delivery. During a time when people are quite concerned about identity theft and fraud, this requirement doesn’t sit too well with most consumers.

By giving delivery personnel the ability to walk with hand-held wireless terminals, the entire payment process is made so much simpler on all parties involved. Swiping a card at the front door is a concept that was once thought impossible. But it is no more! Just think of the possibilities when you use wireless terminals to accept payments. No matter the type of business you’re in, it simply makes life easier.

People don’t even have to visit your store anymore. You can take your terminal to sales events, fairs, markets and tradeshows to ensure that sales can be made no matter where you go. Contact Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 to learn more about the wireless terminals we offer. We’ve learned this week that accepting credit and debit cards is common sense. Well, in today’s digital era, using wireless terminals is common sense too!

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