VirtualMerchant Mobile Provides Ample Benefits

\"1\"When you really think about it, cash-only businesses don’t have much of an excuse anymore. The idea that small businesses don’t need to accept credit cards payments to accept their customers is dying out. And that’s because on-the-go entrepreneurs are accepting plastic in ways that were once thought to be impossible. They don’t even need to carry around POS terminals to do it either! All they need is VirtualMerchant Mobile.

What is VirtualMerchant Mobile, you ask? It’s a secure, complete payment solution that transforms your mobile device into a payment processing terminal! It allows you to accept credit card payments quickly and securely no matter where you are. There are no boundaries when you use VirtualMerchant Mobile. It accepts payments any place and at any time.

“It’s fantastic,” commented one of our clients recently, “My smartphone is basically my terminal. I work in installations so the majority of my business takes place in people’s homes. When I visit and do my job, I don’t have to leave them with invoices anymore or hope that they have cash on them. I just pull out my phone and they’re able to pay me right there on the spot with their credit cards. It’s awesome!”

As you can imagine, the benefits to being able to accept payments on your phone are many. Consider how much extra business you’ll be able to do when you’re literally walking around with your POS terminal in your pocket. VirtualMerchant Mobile is a flexible and secure way to accept payments, making life easy on both yourself and your customers. Here are three more benefits to adopting this great technology.

1. It works with multiple mobile devices. With VirtualMerchant Mobile, you shouldn’t have to worry about the type of smartphone that you have. It’s known to be compatible with all of today’s most popular brands. It, therefore, provides freedom of choice of wireless providers for our clients. With so many people using smartphones (who isn’t, these days?), VirtualMerchant Mobile is practically a must-use technology.

2. It supports card-not-present transactions. Generally speaking, to use VirtualMerchant Mobile, you would request your customer to swipe his or her card through a card reader that you can have affixed to your smartphone. However, this isn’t always necessary. If your customer has his or her credit card information, you can accept it using this technology the same way you would be able to online or over the phone.

3. It accommodates an unlimited number of mobile devices. That means that no matter the size of your business, VirtualMerchant Mobile can work for you! Utilize it on as many smartphones as you like. This product pretty much allows you to take your business with you wherever you may go. It can do the same for other members of your staff, should you wish to give them the capability of making sales on-the-go.

For more information about VirtualMerchant Mobile, contact Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884. You may also want to inquire about VirtualMerchant which allows you to accept credit card payments using your computer. Both products allow you to accept POS transactions safely and securely anywhere and at any time. Start turning your personal electronic devices into money makers for your business today!

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