Visa And Interac Release Awesome Commercials

\"Depositphotos_31037669_xs\"The use of credit and debit cards as methods of payment in Canada is incredibly popular already. You’d think that card issuers such as Visa and Interac were completely confident in their popularity. So much so, that they wouldn’t even have to advertise! Well, actually the opposite is true. Not the confidence part – the part about not having to advertise. Both Visa and Interac have actually been advertising themselves in some very unique ways!

To be honest, when a company spends money putting together elaborate television commercials, you just know that something is going right. And Visa and Interac are arguably the two most popular ways for Canadians to pay for their purchases. Recent television commercials have explored some of the reasons that these methods of payment are so popular.

We’ve often blogged about the added value that credit card usage provides Canadian shoppers. One of the biggest benefits is the reward points feature that so many credit cards offer. A recent series of RBC commercials promoting their new Visa Infinite Avion credit card humorously attack other rewards programs for not providing customers with accurate information about how the programs work.

Based on the ads, one of which can be seen HERE, RBC contends that most rewards programs change the value of their points on their customers without a moment’s notice. This is conveyed through each of the ads that depict random methods for a restaurant to decide upon the prices of its steak during “peak steak season”. We must say, this is a pretty entertaining way to advertise their new credit card!

Not to be outdone, Interac has launched a new ad campaign with the theme “Be In The Black”. The new slogan seems to speak to the idea that using debit cards over credit cards give customers more control. This is predominantly because using Interac indicates that a person is using his or her own money and is not borrowing against credit. In one of the ads, which you can watch HERE, you can see how amusingly they convey this point.

At Canadian POS Corporation, we acknowledge that Canadians prefer to have payment options. We also know that our clients love offering their customers these options as it only works to increase business. Without accepting credit or debit cards, a merchant puts himself at a great disadvantage. As each of the ads highlighted in today’s blog suggest, Canadians prefer using plastic.

For the most part, Canadian business owners aren’t overly concerned with whether or not their customers choose to use their credit or debit cards to make their payments. Either option works just fine. The biggest problem a Canadian business owner can have is the inability to accept either of the two. In 2014, being a cash-only business is simply no longer a viable option.

Contact Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 to either upgrade your old POS terminal or get set up with a brand new machine today! You’ll be glad you did. Whether it’s Visa, Interac or another form of plastic, these payment options are what Canadian consumers prefer. So while Interac encourages consumers to “Be In The Black”, we encourage you to be in the green! Make more money accepting plastic today.

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