What Are The Most Important Wireless Devices Used Today?

\"Depositphotos_19260181_m-2015\"In 2016, it’s pretty safe to say that we’re living in a wireless world. Look around. We’re using so many devices that don’t need to be plugged into walls anymore! Sure, they may need to get their batteries charged fairly often. But using wireless devices enables us to roam freely among the Earth without the worry of having to find electrical sockets for use. But what are the most important wireless devices used today?

Smartphones. This one is pretty hard to argue. Do you know anyone without a smartphone? Today, cell phones aren’t just cell phones. They are mini-computers that give us the ability to surf the internet, listen to music, watch videos, communicate via social media, text, email and…oh yeah, make phone calls! These wireless devices are staples in modern society. On Mashable.com, Rick Chin elaborates on their importance.

“Smartphones, like today’s iPhone, are as much a computer as they are a communication device,” he affirms, “Besides having a great multi-touch interface and fast CPU, they contain sensors like cameras, gyros, accelerometers, GPS and compasses. They allow us to calculate and communicate anytime, anywhere. In the future, they’ll evolve into personal mobile computers (PMC).”

Tablets. Will wireless tablets ever replace desktop computers? Studies are suggesting that the time may soon come. Lightweight and easily portable, tablets are widely used by people who wish to perform the same tasks as they would on their home computers while on-the-go. On Mashable.com, Vineet Madan reveals the findings of such studies, indicating that tablet use will only continue to rise.

“According to a new Nielsen survey, 35% of tablet owners said they used their desktop computers less often or not at all now, and 32% of laptop users said the same,” he reveals, “Most tellingly, more than 75% of tablet owners said they used their tablet for tasks they once used their desktop or laptop for. While tablets can’t totally match laptops in terms of functionally (yet), they can get today’s students most of the way there.”

POS terminals. Point-of-sale machines of the wireless variety are all the rage. Restaurant owners, especially, are reaping the benefits of having their servers bring their terminals directly to the tables of their patrons. Making the entire payment process so much easier, the wireless terminal is being found in more and more places of business every day. At Canadian POS Corporation, we proudly offer the Verifone VX680 as our wireless terminal of choice!

This all-in-one mobile solution efficiently and securely processes transactions anywhere. As you have come to expect, the impeccable Verifone VX680 supports a full range of payment types including credit cards, debit cards and gift cards. Be sure to check back for our next blog as we’ll list the ways in which Verifone is actually reinventing the payment experience! For more information, call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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