What Are The Top Benefits Of Using A Wireless Payment Solution?

Business owners from all walks of life are well aware of the benefits of accepting credit cards and debit cards as methods of payment. By doing away with cash-only policies, countless Canadian business owners have found huge growths in their sales numbers. However, it’s important to note that not all POS terminals are created equal. A business owner stands to greatly benefit from using a wireless payment solution.

Wireless terminals speed up the checkout process.

No one likes waiting in line. This has become an even greater fact in the wake of the pandemic. With so many people getting used to making purchases online, they’re no longer used to standing in long line ups. You can eliminate line ups by bringing your terminal to your customers. This has worked wonders in the restaurant industry.

Gone are the days when customers had to forfeit their credit cards to their servers. Today, wait staff simply bring their wireless terminals to the dining tables. Patrons are able to quickly and easily make their payments without ever letting go of their cards. Wireless terminals don’t just speed up the check out process. They make them more safe and secure.

Wireless terminals promote more personalized customer service.

As mentioned, utilizing wireless terminals will help you to either minimize or eliminate long checkout lines. By giving your staff members the opportunity to approach customers directly, your wireless terminals encourage more customer interactions. Instead of simply asking, “Is there anything I can do to help you?” a member of your staff can now say, “I’d be happy to ring that through for you whenever you’re ready!”

Improving customer service is something every business should focus on. For the most part, consumers place greater value on their interactions with businesses than they do their actual purchases. Making your customers feel great about supporting your brand should be a top focus. Wireless terminals can greatly improve customer satisfaction. This always leads to boosts in sales.

You can make sales anywhere.

Who says you have to wait for customers to visit your store in order for them to make purchases? With a wireless terminal, you can process sales anywhere you like! Use a wireless terminal at trade shows, food trucks, farmer’s markets, fairs and community events. There is no place where you aren’t able to process a credit card or debit card transaction when you go wireless.

You can even host your own events if you like. Barbeques and picnics are especially popular during the forthcoming summertime. Why not host an event that involves the showcasing of your company’s products? If anyone wishes to make a purchase, your wireless terminal will allow them to do so.

The Newland 910 4G is now available!

At Canadian POS, we’re happy to offer the Newland 910 POS terminal. It is an all-in-one payment processing terminal that displays a sleek and modern design that is perfect for table-side, in-aisle or on-the-go payments. This Android-based smart terminal has a suite of business management tools that allow you to manage all of your online orders, reports and inventory in one place.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-877-748-2884. You may also send us a message on our Contact Us page!

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