Why Canadians Love Eating At Restaurants


Okay, so who doesn’t love eating at restaurants? Not only does dining out take away the hassle of cooking food and dish washing, it makes for an enjoyable experience. This is why restaurants place so much importance on the decor of their eateries. Between the pleasant atmospheres, friendly wait staff, piped-in music and comfortable seating, restaurateurs go through many painstaking efforts to please the visitors of their establishments.

Canadian restaurant owners have certainly been doing their jobs to intrigue regular patronage.

At least, this is what has been affirmed by a recent report, as revealed by Nicole Maunsell on Dal.ca. Just before the new year, she revealed that, in 2018, the average Canadian home is expected to spend almost 30 percent of its food budget in food service. This is the highest level in history.

The information comes by way of Canada’s Food Price Report. As Maunsell explains, it forecasts food prices for the upcoming year and analyzes trends in Canada’s food industries. It was led by Dr. Sylvain Charlebois who is the dean of the Faculty of Management.

“Canadian consumers will eat out more frequently in 2018, and that will come at a cost,” he is quoted as saying in the report. Maunsell goes on to note that “the average family is expected to spend $208 more when eating out compared to 2017, an increase of almost 8 per cent. That means that almost 30 per cent of consumers’ food budget will be spent on food service. The annual food expenditure for a family of four is expected to rise by $348 to a total of $11,948.”

With food prices rising, what makes dining out so popular with Canadians?

As mentioned earlier, it has a lot to do with the experience of dining – not just the food. Eating at restaurants is often seen as the convenient alternative to the often time consuming task of preparing food, eating and cleaning up after. In addition, restaurants are generally seen as ideal locations for important celebrations. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and other special occasions are very often celebrated inside restaurants.

However, at Canadian POS Corporation, we also believe that the love Canadians have for dining out has a lot to do with how easy and convenient it is to pay for the experiences. Pay-at-the-table solutions have all but taken the fear of fraudulent charges away from customers who formerly had to give up their credit cards to their waiters and waitresses.

Today, it’s commonplace to eat a meal and pay for that meal while still seated at the dining table. Wireless payment solutions are the norm in Canadian restaurants. They significantly add to the pleasurable nature of the dining out experience. And we’d like to help your restaurant take advantage of that!

We offer the Verifone VX 680 as the perfect pay-at-table solution!

This terminal is ideal for any environment where you need to bring the point of payment to your customers: table-service restaurants, curbside pick-up and nail/beauty salons, for example. Bringing the terminal to the cardholder improves the customer experience and cardholder security — the card is always in your customer’s control, helping ensure that cardholder data is never lost or stolen!

For more information about how to get the Verifone VX 680 in your restaurant, call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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