Why Do Millennials Love Shopping Online?


Things ain’t like they used to be. Once upon a time, people visited stores to buy the items they were interested in. The same buy-it-in-person act is still a popular one today. But it has some fierce competition. More and more, people are going online to do their shopping. This is an especially popular activity among millennials (those who are aged 18 to 34). Simply put, millennials love to shop online.

It comes down to price.

One of the reasons millennials love shopping online so much is because it allows for the browsing items and comparing prices with ease. Hopping from website to website is a quick and simple process. Visiting one store after the next is obviously a lot more time consuming and energy exhausting. Bargain hunters find that going online to do their shopping helps them to save money. As Amit Bhaiya points out on HuffingtonPost.com, a good price goes a long way with millennials.

“Studies have shown that millennials care more about a good price over any other factor when it comes to online purchases,” he informs, “These factors include quality, store, availability and brand. Unless you have a unique one of a kind product, chances are millennials will go looking elsewhere for a better price before they decide to click check purchase.”

Millennials are heavy mobile device users.

Let it not be lost on you that much online shopping takes place via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. These are devices that many young people keep on their persons on a daily basis. Shopping has never been made so easy. Each day, millennials reach into their pockets to pull out rectangular electronic devices that allow them to make purchases on the spot. How could they not love to shop online?

“Regarding mobile, research has shown that smartphones are the most-used shopping device of them all, which can be largely attributed to convenience, brand promotion on social media, and brand apps available for downloading,” says Jaz Frederick on PFSweb.com, “79% of millennials said mobile devices introduced them to a new brand or product and 54% said shopping apps were streamlined and easier to use than online sites.”

Information about products is easily attained online.

Product and service browsing is an ongoing process. Many millennials sign up for email newsletters that provide them with up-to-date information about their interests. As a result, our younger generation is well informed about where to buy the latest products and how to locate the best prices for them. Loyalty programs, as Bhaiya points out, highly encourage online spending from millennials.

“Around 95 percent of millennials would appreciate if their brands would actively make an effort to reach out and send them material via email such as coupons and discount notices,” he writes, “The mentality of a millennial is like that of your average person, if you are treated well chances are you will keep coming back. Millennials love personalized, targeted promotions and discounts. If you want to truly capture them, make this part of your marketing efforts.”

Is your business appealing to the online shopping needs of millennials?

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