Why Electronic Gift Cards Make Great Mother\’s Day Gifts


With Mother’s Day taking place this Sunday, May 10th, it puts a lot of Canadians in somewhat tough positions. The COVID-19 crisis is preventing us all from going on traditional shopping excursions to brick and mortar store locations. So, the options for Mother’s Day gifts are limited. That’s what makes an electronic gift card the perfect Mother’s Day gift this year. They can so easily be sent and redeemed, using only the internet!

Unlike a standard gift card, which is a rectangular piece of plastic, an e-gift card can be totally digital. It offers recipients codes with which they can use to make purchases from the merchants who offer them. With social distancing being the norm these days, an electronic gift card just may be the most realistic gift one can give to celebrate his/her mom.

It makes buying for a mom who lives far away easy.

Perhaps, you’re in a position to have to always ship presents to your mom. Does she live in a different city or country? If so, you are likely no stranger to the internet. You know that it is a top-choice destination where gift shopping can be completed. On GiftCards.com, Shelley Hunter explains that some e-gift cards can be sent along with loving video messages.

One, in particular, she notes, “never actually says Happy Mother’s Day or anything about mom, but I think the sweet note ‘Just staying in touch’ is all any mom really wants to hear after her kids have left home. So tell mom that you’re thinking about her and missing her just a little more on her honorary day.”

Credit card-based gift cards can be used anywhere.

Most online shoppers use their Visas or Mastercards to make their purchases. Naturally, we assume that the majority of Mother’s Day shopping is being conducted online this year.  However, if you’re unsure what to get Mom or you fear that the delivery won’t make it in time for Sunday, an e-gift card makes an excellent gift choice. Visa and Mastercard provide gift cards of their own. They can be used to make purchases from any merchant who accepts their cards.

“For the ultimate in flexibility, get mom a Visa gift card or a Mastercard gift card that can be used anywhere,” recommends Hunter in a separate GiftCards.com article, “Before running to the grocery store to buy a generic card, however, consider uploading an image to make a personalized gift card instead.”

The gift can be made into a sentimental gesture.

Some people still have the idea that gift cards are thoughtless gestures. We couldn’t disagree more. Buying a gift card from a store you know your loved one likes is a way of saying “I want you to enjoy what I know you love!” In addition, the ways gift cards are presented are what truly makes them special. In addition to your e-gift card, be sure to send along a special note, a photo or a video to inform your mom of how much you love her.

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