Why Gift Cards Make Great Back To School Gifts


A year ago, we posted a blog that highlighted gift cards as great back to school gifts. And why wouldn’t we? It is back to school season after all. And gift cards are awesome! However, this year, things are a bit different. The coronavirus pandemic is making the entire back to school season quite worrisome. Is it truly safe to send children back into the classroom? Many parents think not – and we can’t blame them. We do know, however, that a child’s education is vitally important.

Preparing students for the new school year is mandatory.

Is it possible your child will be engaging in online learning? Will he/she be attending school in person? No matter what, giving your school-bound child a gift card will certainly be great idea. The number one reason, we think, is simply to put a smile on his/her face.

We know that this time of year is always a stressful one. But consider the stress that has been induced by the safety concerns presented by COVID-19. Whether your child will be back in the classroom or learning from home, a gift card will go a long way in helping him/her feel better about the experience.

On GiftCards.com, Shelley Hunter details the story of a young girl named Kaia. She received a surprise XBOX gift card in her lunchbox on her first day in a new school. It helped her to feel a lot better about the new and somewhat scary situation she was in.

“Whether you’re starting a new school or attending the same one you’ve been at for the past few years, there is often a little trepidation about what the year will hold,” writes Hunter, “Though it would be nice if a gift card could magically take our worries away (I’d buy that one!), I like the idea of using a gift card to bring a smile instead.”

Offer an electronic gift card as a back to school gift.

It’s not like kids don’t know their ways around the internet! Today, not all gift cards come in plastic, rectangular form. E-gift cards are codes that are emailed to their recipients. Most can be redeemed either online or in-store. Especially if your child will be engaging in remote learning, an e-gift card will be a great way to help him/her get access to necessary school supplies and other necessities online.

Not to mention, e-gift cards offer a great deal of security to both purchasers and recipients. “Unlike conventional paper or physical gift cards that can be lost or stolen, digital gift cards are far more secure and convenient,” informs Manish Barthwal on Knowband.com, “There aren’t any possibilities of such occurrences. You can send or receive a digital gift card without any hassle and the amount is always safe.”

Start offering e-gift cards today!

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