Why Gift Cards Make Such Great Gifts

There is a silly notion that has been going around for many years that gift cards make poor gift choices. “Gift cards can get a bit of a bad rap,” writes The Kit for The Toronto Star, “Some say they display a lack of imagination on the gifter’s part; others point to the masses of gifting money left unspent on forgotten cards.” These sentiments couldn’t be further from the truth!

People actually love getting gift cards. They scream “Here! Get whatever you like!” Who doesn’t enjoy the opportunity to go on a mini-shopping spree in order to get something they truly like? Let’s look at why gift cards make such great gifts.

You avoid pretending you like bad gifts.

Let’s be honest. We’ve all received gifts we don’t like. The wrong style, the wrong colour, the wrong size – there is a litany of reasons why the presents you get aren’t always up to snuff. With a gift card, you never have to worry about getting something you wouldn’t get for yourself. The beauty of gift cards is that they eliminate the possibility of giving or receiving a bad gift.

“Clothing and accessories consistently top the list of gifts that miss the mark,” notes Jana Pleyto on BuyMeOnce.com, “This is because taste and style are so personal, even if you think you know what someone likes, it’s fairly likely you don’t. Even worse, now they have to wear it every time they see you! Let them choose something they actually love, avoiding any awkward unwrapping moments.”

It provides great flexibility.

Gift cards are great gifts because they represent a myriad of different gift choices. Gift cards don’t limit their recipients to any one product. They offer people the ability to choose from a wide variety of options in a particular store.

“Gift cards are flexible for the recipient, allowing him or her to choose what to buy,” affirms Miranda Marquit on Moneyning.com, “It takes away some of the anxiety associated with finding just the right gift. Who doesn’t like the freedom to get what they REALLY want? It’s a perfect way to provide a flexible gift that anyone can enjoy.”

It helps to avoid bad purchases.

Gift-givers are thoughtful people. No matter what a person buys as a gift for a loved one, it’s a sweet gesture. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that gift-givers know what they’re doing. Many gift-buying consumers do their shopping last minute. They hastily grab something off the shelf before the stores close in hopes that their choices will suffice. A gift card ensures that a person doesn’t just settle for any old thing he/she can wrap up.

“We’ve all been there – that anxiety-fuelled power walk around the high street buying a ‘that’ll do’ gift you know isn’t right just before the shops close,” writes Pleyto, “Purchasing a Gift for Life Card is not only stress-free and instantaneous, it allows the recipient to carefully select their own gift, without any rush.”

Do you offer gift cards to customers in your store?

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