Why Going Wireless Is Great For Restaurants

\"FreeOver our past couple of blogs, we have been championing the cause of the wireless terminal. And why wouldn’t we? We’re living in a wireless world, are we not? With the majority of us using smartphones, tablets and laptops these days, we’ve gotten pretty used to a society where so few of our regularly-used technological devices are plugged into the wall. So, when it comes to the POS terminals you use to process credit and debit transactions, why should it be any different?

At Canadian POS Corporation, we now offer the Verifone VX 680 as our wireless POS terminal solution. If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you already know that. However, if you’re not yet taking advantage of the Verifone VX 680, it’s important that you know of the many benefits that come with going wireless. Wireless terminals, by the way, are extremely beneficial for those in the restaurant industry.

It makes the entire process of paying for food so much quicker and easier. On BarcodesInc.com, it is explained that the checkout process should be the least of a customer’s worries when he or she visits your restaurant. Your job, of course, is to provide an excellent meal within an inviting atmosphere. As long as your job is done, receiving payment should be easy – for both your wait staff and your customer.

“Checkout is the last thing a customer will remember about your restaurant,” insists the website, “They enjoyed your delicious food and friendly wait staff. Don’t let all that be ruined by a long wait at the register. A mobile POS solution will allow wait staff to securely and efficiently process payments at the tableside, and to effectively avoid aggravating the customer in the checkout process.”

The entire payment process is also made easy for customers who are ordering food directly to their homes. Do you offer a delivery service as part of your restaurant? If so, wireless POS terminals are practically a must. Payments are processed right there on the spot where you deliver the food. In the past, delivery personnel were required to take credit card information back to the restaurants in order to process the transactions.

Not only did it delay payments, but it presented a much higher risk of fraud. Today, restaurant owners can simply send their delivery personnel off with their food orders along with wireless POS terminals to accept payments quickly and easily. On BarcodesInc.com, it’s made pretty clear that, if you’re in the restaurant business, making use of a wireless POS terminal to accept credit and debit payments provides many advantages.

“For savvy restaurateurs that are looking to reduce customer wait time and food waste, increase average ticket size, and expedite customer check out, implementing a mobile POS solution will not only improve the profitability of your business, but also the overall customer experience,” says the site, “Mobile POS provides a number of advantages for the wait staff, customer, and restaurant owner.”

Isn’t it time you secured a reliable wireless solution for your restaurant? For more information about the Verifone VX 680, call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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