Why It\’s Best To Treat And Not Trick Your Customers

\"\"Halloween will be here in less than three weeks! It’s an exciting time for many people as dressing up in costumes, setting up spooky decorations and preparing for trick or treating is considered an annual treat. Giving out treats, however, is something you should be doing in your store all year round – and we’re not talking about the sugary variety. We’re referring to the awesome experiences you offer those who support your brand.

Treating your customers is all about providing unbeatable customer service. And, in our experience, there is one particular factor that you can always rely on to please consumers: short wait times. People hate waiting. Whether it’s on the phone or in line at the checkout, a long wait time is enough to send a person packing for good.

Long wait times = diminished sales.

“Long wait times will send guests packing and kill sales,” reports Francesca Nicasio on VendHQ.com, “Research has found that ‘Americans will abandon a checkout line and leave a store without making a purchase after eight minutes of waiting in a checkout line. British shoppers won’t even wait around that long. They’ll walk out after just six minutes.’”

One of the top ways to eliminate long wait times is to ensure that your store is properly staffed. There are few things that annoy customers more than to see three or four empty checkout stands and only one employee handling the responsibilities of processing transactions. This is especially true when the line up is long and only growing longer.

“Start by keeping your store well-staffed, particularly during busy periods,” advises Nicasio with help from Forbes.com writer, Barbara Thau, “Look at your store data to figure out your peak hours, then ensure that you have enough employees and registers to handle the rush.”

Speed things up with a wireless POS system.

In 2018 (almost 2019!), checkout lines don’t even need to exist. We live in an era when wireless technology has made things easier in nearly every facet of life. Reducing wait times is one of them. With a wireless POS system, you can have your employees bring the point-of-sale to your customers instead of having your customers wait in line to get to the point-of-sale.

According to eHopper.com, “not only will this tool shorten checkout times and allow you to accept more payment types (including payments made through smartphone wallet apps!), but you can learn how to increase sales on retail with a mobile POS system too…You can help customers and even check them out from anywhere in your retail store. This eliminates the need for a front counter and makes the checkout process more personal because there’s no physical barrier between employee and customer.”

Go with Poynt!

At Canadian POS, we highly recommend the revolutionary Poynt Smart Terminal for all of your wireless payment processing needs. It accepts all of today’s and tomorrow’s payment types, and can easily email receipts, refund transactions and settle with the tap of a button. And with the free smartphone app, you can do all of this from anywhere. It’s like a remote control for your business!

For more information about the Poynt Smart Terminal, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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