Why Online Shopping Will Remain Hot Throughout Summer


We know. Spring has just started. But as any smart business owner knows, it’s important to plan ahead. With spring weather slowly, but surely, making an appearance, many Canadians are already gearing up for summer. In a little over two months, the joyous, sunny and warm days of summer will officially get underway. And it’s a good idea for your store to begin preparing for them now.

It’s just as important to get your online store summer-ready as soon as possible. While you may be under the impression that online shopping is, for the most part, a cold weather activity, it’s wise to remember that people love to shop all year round. Even though the summer encourages people to leave their homes more often, there’s no reason that consumers will avoid the internet for their shopping requirements during the summer.

Summer = wedding season!

Between the months of May and July, there will be many weddings taking place all throughout Canada. No matter your type of store, it’s a good idea to allow soon-to-be married couples the opportunity to set up gift registries. Be sure to highlight this feature on your company website. That way, customers can easily visit it in order to quickly select the gifts they wish to give couples who will be exchanging vows this summer.

“While wedding presents are predicted to be in demand again this year, eBay has also seen an increase in online searches for all things wedding related,” Lydia points out on WeMakeWebsites.com, “From lingerie and dresses to engagement rings and usher ensembles – it seems more and more customers are shunning the more traditional in-store or bespoke wedding services for an alternative online experience.”

Summer = a great time to launch a new product line!

If your business is one of the several that experience slower seasons during the year’s warmest months, then summer is a perfect time to launch a new product. Take advantage of all of your social media accounts to market the fact that you will soon have a new release. Not only will a new promotion about your latest release encourage more visits to your store and website, it will help to grow your online sales.

“Launching a new product, line or bundle during a typical lull can drive strong sales and help you stand out among competitors,” writes Abel Anderson on NetNewsLedger.com, “First, build hype for the release date with content and social media promotions. Thanks to the scalability of modern enterprise ecommerce platforms, your store will help you handle the unseasonable rush and host a must-attend virtual sales event for new and returning customers.”

Summer = party time!

Is there a better time of year than summer to throw a party? We think not. Why not host an outdoor event that helps you to get to know your customers better? During that party, be sure to introduce your customers to the new loyalty program your company is rolling out. As Anderson notes, “part of running a successful website is brand building (and) summer is the perfect time to roll out a loyalty program that makes it worth their while to shop throughout the year.”

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