Wireless Terminals Boast Big Benefits

\"wireless\"In its relatively short existence thus far, the Canadian POS Corporation Blog has made quite the statement that accepting credit and debit cards at your business is bound keep it competitive. More than competitive actually, your acceptance of Visa, MasterCard and Interac cards is bound to increase business, hands down. But we’re midway through 2013. And you’re very likely aware that plastic has been around for a while.

What hasn’t been around for all that long is the ability to accept credit and debit payments through terminals that are not attached to a wall through a wire of some kind. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are living in a wireless world! Remember when the thought of using a phone without a cord was a mind-blowing notion? Well, this surely isn’t the case anymore.

Just as sure as your smart phone can connect you to the world without having to connect to anything else, your POS terminal can also be wireless. Such terminals are especially beneficial to businesses such as restaurants where servers are now able to take payments directly at the dinner tables. No more having to take a customer’s credit card to the back only to return with a slip for the customer to sign.

This saves a lot of time. And you know what they say. Time is money. With wireless terminals in your restaurant, you can turn over tables a lot quicker. Do the math. Think of how much more money your restaurant could make each night if each and every table were to seat just one extra party. Wireless terminals increase efficiency as well as customer satisfaction.

These days, chip cards make it easy for customers to punch in a few digits in order to make a payment. This, of course, makes it a whole lot easier for your company to accept such payments. Wireless terminals work quite similarly to wireless phones. It’s all about the service provider and their quality of coverage. At Canadian POS Corporation, we ensure top-notch equipment and functionality.

Wireless terminals are also ideal for business owners who don’t necessarily operate out of one specific location. Contractors, consultants, plumbers, electricians and other freelance workers don’t always work at fixed spots. In fact, they often have to make house calls. If you’re in such an industry, the last thing you want to do is make it difficult for your customer to pay you.

You can’t assume that your clients will always have cash on them. In fact, these days, it’s very rare for people to keep cash around. Some customers will consider it too much of an inconvenience to have to go and get cash if that is the only form of payment that you’ll accept. No matter how good a job you’ve done, this nuisance may prevent you from getting repeat business.

Naturally, you want to do all that you can to stay successful in this very tech-savvy society. Wireless isn’t just the wave of the future. It’s the way of today! There are a variety of ways in which wireless terminals can help your business. For more information on the wireless terminals provided by Canadian POS Corporation, give us a call at 1-877-748-2884.

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