Without A Doubt, Wireless Is The Way To Go!

\"\"We live in a wireless world. At least, it seems that way, for the most part. Gone are the days when it was absolutely mandatory for you to be plugged in. For example, we can watch videos on our tablets – no cables necessary. We can listen to music using cordless speakers – via Bluetooth technology. And, as we all know, we can speak to people on the phone from pretty much anywhere, using our mobile devices.

So why should it be any different when processing payments?

At your place of business, accepting credit cards and debit cards as methods of payment is the norm. (And if it isn’t, it should be!). However, it’s important to consider how your customers are required to approach the entire act of paying for their purchases. Do they have to wait in long line ups? Are there cashiers in only one section of your store?

By taking advantage of wireless technology, you can help your customers to avoid some of the nuisances that come with shopping in brick-and-mortar store locations. No one likes to wait. And, believe it or not, for some customers, long line ups are enough of a reason to leave a store when purchases would have otherwise been made.

Wireless terminals can help you to get rid of long line ups at the cash register.

With a wireless terminal, you can bring the cash register to your customers! Consider how convenient you would make it if you had your employees approach your customers to take care of their payments. People would find it so much easier to decide to stay at your location instead of leaving for your competition when they can pay for their purchase from literally any area of your store.

Most Canadian restaurants, as you’re likely aware, have already adopted this practice. It’s quite commonplace for waiters to bring their wireless terminals to the dining tables. Payments are made on the spot, helping customers to avoid having to give up their credit cards. Naturally, no line ups are necessary either.

Adopting wireless technology can help you to expand your business.

Do you do deliveries? With wireless terminals, you can deliver products right to the doors of your customers and have them pay right then and there. Gone are the days when it was necessary to send invoices to your clients once your items were shipped. As well, you longer have to wait for cheques to clear after payments are submitted.

Today, payments are done automatically and immediately. With wireless terminals, you can accept payments from anywhere, at any time, making life a lot easier for both yourself and your customers. And, at Canadian POS Corporation, we offer the finest wireless terminal in the industry – the Verifone VX 680.

The Verifone VX680 is all-in-one mobile solution that efficiently and securely processes transactions anywhere.

The compact ergonomic design provides easy transport, and a long-life battery ensures that you have enough power to get through any busy day. The Verifone VX 680 supports a full range of payment types including, credit, debit and gift cards through an easy-to-use solution. And it’s ready for acceptance of secure EMV “chip” cards, protecting you and your customers from counterfeit card fraud.

For more information, call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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