Your Customers Are Online, Why Aren’t You?


Today’s consumer is one who surfs the internet before visiting a store. More times than not, a person who has entered your store has already visited your website. If not, he/she has, at least, done some online browsing to compare prices and products. After all, the internet is a wondrous tool for consumers and businesses alike. The ease by which one can access information makes the worldwide web an obvious go-to destination prior to any shopping excursion.

So why is it that so many Canadian retailers are slow to sell their products online?

We’re really not sure! The evidence is overwhelming. People go online to either shop or inquire about where to shop if they choose to do so in person. This is especially true during the end-of-year holiday season when shopping becomes part of everyone’s to-do lists. On, Armando Roggio explains that, statistically, merchants have much better chances of enjoying high sales if they have solidified strong online presences for their businesses.

“In 2012, Google worked with Ipsos OTX, a market research firm, to survey potential holiday shoppers about their 2012 holiday shopping intentions,” he explains, “One of the key findings was that 80 percent of the 1,500 shoppers queried would research products and prices online before they would make a purchase. Clearly the Internet is the engine driving retail.”

Do consumers prefer online shopping to visiting stores in person?

Evidence shows that while the popularity of online shopping continues to rise each and every year, there are no signs that people plan to stop visiting malls forever. However, there is just as much evidence that there is a growing number of people who greatly prefer to do their shopping within the comforts of their own homes. On, Pawel Grabowski explains that, in some cases, online shopping is just the better option.

“Consider having to buy some office supplies for your office,” he offers, “Unless your company is based in a close proximity of a office supplies store, driving to the other side of town to pick up few reams of photocopying paper might be too costly and time consuming to make sense. Ordering them online, on the other hand, takes less than a few minutes. And with today’s delivery times, it is possible that you will receive your order within a day or two.”

How hard is it to set up an online store on your company website?

The answer: it’s really not that hard at all! At Canadian POS Corporation, we make the process easy. Our e-commerce solution enables you to easily and securely accept all credit cards online. You’ll almost immediately enjoy increased visits to your website and a boost in sales thanks to the fact that you never have to close your doors again!

In our next blog, we’ll highlight the benefits of turning your business into a 24/7 entity, all thanks to the fact that you sell your products online With e-commerce, shoppers from all over the world can make purchases from you without having to worry about doing so within “business hours”.
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